Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - Full Glue Down

The wood plank color options featured below are a full glue down vinyl product. Unlike a click plank, these products become fully adhered to the subfloor and become part of the substrate. All of our vinyl products have a wear layer of 3.0mm or higher, so regardless of the product picked you know you are getting a product that can withstand heavy traffic and just every day wear and tear. Vinyl plank is also 100% waterproof which means it can be featured through your entire home. Shop online or stop into our showroom to see and feel the finish of vinyl plank flooring. Please visit the Installation Information Page for all of your general guidelines.

Harbinger Vintage Walnut 7x36
Harbinger Trestlewood Saddle 7x36
Harbinger Trestlewood Ember 7x36
Harbinger Tavern Tobacco 9x48
Harbinger Tavern Mesquite 7x36
Harbinger Tavern Kashmir 7x36
Harbinger Tavern Bourbon 7x36
Harbinger Spalted Cherry 6x48
Harbinger Sooke Hemlock 6x48
Harbinger Savannah Oak 6x48
Harbinger Pondersa 7x48
Harbinger Silver Oak 7x36
Harbinger Persimmon 7x36
Harbinger Oak Charisma 7x48
Harbinger Pepper Hickory 6x48
Harbinger Oak Driftwood 7x36
Harbinger Motpellier Cathedral 9c60
Harbinger Motpellier Opera 9c60
Harbinger Laurel Oak 6x48
Harbinger Montpellier Merlot 9x60
Harbinger Italian Olivewood 6x48
harbinger Indigo Oak
Harbinger Hampton Greige 6x48
Harbinger Gibraltar Grey 6x48
Harbinger Farmhouse Umber 9x48
Harbinger Coventry Nutmeg 6x48
Harbinger Coventry Spice 6x48
Harbinger Farmhouse Nordic 9x48
Harbinger Country Cottage 7x48
Harbinger COuntry Hickory 6x48
Harbinger Coventry Cognac 6x48
Harbinger Country Walnut 7x48
Harbinger Chateau Palladium 9x60
Harbinger Chameleon 7x48
Harbinger Chateau Ironbolt 9x60
Harbinger Chateau Heirloom 9x60
Harbinger Brushed Oak Compliments 7x48
Harbinger Brushed Oak Captivating 7x48
Harbinger Brushed Oak Attraction 7x36
Harbinger Bristol Oak Espresso 6x48
Harbinger Bermuda Cypress 6x48
Harbinger Beach House 6x48
Harbinger American Walnut 6x48
Harbigner Montauk Boardwalk 6x48
Harbinger Balinese Boatwood 7x36