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Installation Services

Just like the Selections process our installation services are similar, we are start to finish!

We work with local electricians, drywallers, plumbers and painters; and yes we can also schedule all of of these trades for you as part of your installation service. 

1) we always start with design, what product are you wanting to use? what is your vision?

2) measure up- this is where we will bring in local trades to assist, if plumbing needs to be moved, or a light fixture is in the wrong place. we can also provide you a full quote at this point. 

3) after the go ahead, service and products are scheduled, our crew gets to work. 

services offered:

Interior design:

- our in house interior designer can take your project to the next level, weather its just advise or full on desing. enquire about what services we can offer.

demo & prep:

- our guys come in and remove any existing surfaces that are not required, if new material is required (ie: drywall or subfloor), this will all be installed and prepped for the new material.


tile & flooring installation:

- we can install any product and most any application, as long as the product has been purchased from us!  

Subfloor, drywall:

- we can coordinate to have any subfloor, or drywall panel delivered to site. that way you know you are getting the right products.

tub/shower etc removal:

- if you've got an existing space that needs to be gutted, between our crew and our local plumber, we can aid in removal and prep for the new items. 

Full waterproofing:

- we have full waterproofing kits for any project, never have a leaky shower again with Schluters lifetime guar

Plumbing fixtures:

- between our plumber and local plumbing supply store, we can order all the products required for your job. 

Garbage Removal:

- our crew members will either dispose of the garbage or we will preplan a bin to be placed on site and removed once done. 

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