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Lets Design a Kitchen! (part 2)


1) Now that we have our cabinets narrowed down, lets take a look at some countertop ideas! There are so many different finishes for counter tops, but where to start? Lets take a look at some options

                   A) laminate or aborite: these are a glued on product that have come a long way in looks and feels, these are not 

                       your grandmothers countertops in any way. Laminates are hardy, stain resistant and can handle just about any                             day to day use. It also falls under the least expensive of options. 

                  B) Quartz: although mined from the earth, quartz is considered a man made product. It is made up of 93% quartz

                       stone and 7% polymers and pigments, which allows full control over the finished result versus othr natural

                       products. Quartz is resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, quartz is impervious to heat and cold and to

                       common household chemicals. Quartz ranges in price from medium to high budget.

                  C) Granites or marbles: Both options are mined out of different locations throughout the world. Dependent on

                       conditions and wear and tear on the area mined, gives light to the beautiful natural colors found in granties and

                      marbles. They are priced at a medium to high budget. 


                  D) Concrete: This is a great alternative to a natural stone or laminate counter top as it can be made and formed to

                       any size. Concrete is super strong and durable, and when done properly looks just as beautiful as any stone.                                Concrete price ranges from medium to high.  



2) Be sure to keep track of your choices on the helper form! 

3) lets move onto Backsplash. Click Here!


If your using your current countertop, write down your color in the helper form.











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